Current priorities

Current priorities


Our mission is to promote the improvement of oral health, primarily in children, through the prevention of oral diseases

Our resources will be applied to strengthen the commitment to ‘prevention’ worldwide and more particularly to influence:

  • The wider engagement in prevention by health professionals and health authorities;
  • Government policies and strategies that promote oral disease prevention as an integral part of wider health promotion programmes;
  • The implementation and evaluation of sustainable population-based preventive programmes;
  • Further research that will help strengthen the scientific basis for prevention.

Our present priorities include:

  • Population-based programmes that are targeted at the areas of greatest need and will help reduce inequalities, within and between countries;
  • The use of fluorides in the prevention of dental caries, including their use in milk and milk products;
  • The prevention of oral disease through the improvement of diet and nutrition;
  • The use of kindergarten and school settings to promote oral health;
  • Early childhood caries (ECC);
  • Strengthening the design of studies for the evaluation of community-based programmes;
  • Research into the above;
  • Training and education in population oral health.

In particular we provide support to:

  • Government agencies for the implementation and evaluation of sustainable population-based prevention programmes;
  • Academic institutes to undertake research;
  • Dental associations / organisations that promote dental public health and oral health research.

Current priorities