IADR Symposium -

IADR Symposium - 'Determing the level of unacceptable dental fluorosis for populations globally', IADR/PER, London, England, Thursday 26th July 2018

The purpose of this 90-minute symposium, ‘Determining the level of unacceptable dental fluorosis for populations globally’, will be to (1) Explore whether worldwide agreement is possible and, if so, how might this be achieved? (2) A secondary aim is to determine whether it is the acceptable level of dental fluorosis alone which should be considered or whether this should be agreed taking into consideration caries reductions expected and (3) Evidence that severity of dental fluorosis decreases as a tooth ages after eruption needs to be explored. What are the implications of this reduction in severity with age of tooth in determining acceptable levels of dental fluorosis?

Three following three speakers have kindly agreed to present:

  • Loc Do - ‘Perceptions of balance of risks. Changes in fluorosis severity as teeth age’
  • Helen Whelton - ‘Global consensus on unacceptable fluorosis to inform decision on fluoride intake decisions’
  • Steven Levy - ‘Review of perceptions of dental fluorosis worldwide’.

A 25-minute discussion will follow.