Helping to support MalDent

The Borrow Foundation is pleased to be among those supporting ‘The MalDent Project’  This aims to make important changes towards improving oral healthcare in Malawi.

The University of Malawi College of Medicine and the University of Glasgow have secured a substantial grant from the Scottish Government to help establish a new dental school in Malawi and carry out complementary educational and research activities. One of those activities is the development of a child oral health improvement strategy. This will follow the recommendations contained in the WHO manual ‘Promoting Oral Health in Africa’.

The Foundation’s grant will be applied to this aspect of the project, which will involve three phases: a national child oral health survey, a situation analysis that will help identify potential models for the prevention of oral disease in children, and workshops for national stakeholders that will consider the findings of the first two phases and how these might be translated into strategy.

An important step towards the development of the strategy is the appointment of a PhD student, Ronald Manjomo. The PhD project will involve essential field work and help identify potential models of prevention of oral disease in children that would be appropriate to the Malawian environment, particularly rural areas.