Working to improve children's oral health
giving priority to prevention
funding community based interventions
awarding grants for research
collaborating with dental associations
sponsoring regional meetings
supporting training and education

Welcome to
The Borrow Foundation

Working to improve children's
oral health

The Borrow Foundation is a United Kingdom registered charity, a non-profit making organisation.

Our mission is to promote the improvement of oral health, primarily in children, through the prevention of oral diseases.

Established in 1971, the Foundation has been long associated with milk fluoridation and whilst this remains a priority, in recent years we have been expanding our work into the wider areas of oral disease prevention.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who may wish to explore the possibilities for collaboration; please see our current priorities.

Recent developments

Oral health-related birth cohort study workshop

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Recent publications resulting from a joint ORCA / EADPH Symposium on sugar and oral health

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'Determining the level of unacceptable dental fluorosis for populations globally', IADR/PER, London, England

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