Our work

We provide grants to leading health agencies, government bodies, academic institutes, dental associations, and charities. These are being applied in many parts of the world to help improve oral health, primarily in children, through the prevention of oral diseases.

Our work is expanding with direct support for programmes / projects carried out in 18 countries. This includes grants awarded for the implementation and evaluation of population-based programmes. Our funding has also been applied to the conduct of oral health surveys, the results of which have informed the review and development of oral health policies and strategies.

Support for clinical, laboratory, and population research remains a priority for the charity with a number of grants being made to leading academic institutes. An element of research is also considered an essential aspect of the population-based programmes that we support.

Indirectly, our resources are reaching numerous other countries. For example, we make contributions towards the vital work being carried out by leading agencies / organisations, at both global and regional levels.

We provide sponsorship for regional and international meetings that share knowledge and experience in seeking to address key oral health issues.

Support for dental associations that promote dental public health and oral health research, provides greater access to these organisations and their activities, particularly for those working in emerging economies.