With the focus firmly on prevention, the Foundation is providing grants to leading academic institutes to undertake clinical, laboratory and population research. The work we are currently funding includes:  

  • A study to investigate whether caries is caused by specific disease-inducing activities in dental plaque biofilms, and if it can be prevented by interfering with the development of aciduric phenotypes, using fluoride in milk.
  • A randomised controlled trial in the Dominican Republic which aims to measure the effectiveness of oral health improvement messages delivered by paediatricians to parents of toddlers.
  • A randomised controlled trial in Jordan which aims to measure the effectiveness of an oral health education videogame for children.
  • In Khartoum State, Sudan, research which focuses on improving the differential diagnosis of the more common developmental defects of enamel: dental fluorosis, molar incisor hypoplasia, and amelogenesis imperfecta, and a clinical assessment to gain evidence of genetic factors which relate to these defects.
  • A study to assess the validity of urinary fluoride concentration in spot urine samples for monitoring fluoride exposure in children from different geographical locations, ingesting fluoride from: toothpaste, community water, milk or salt.
  • A systematic review of the evidence pertaining to factors that modify risk of early childhood caries.
  • ​​An holistic approach to address socioeconomic inequalities in child oral health – evidence synthesis.
  • A systematic review of the scientific data on population-based oral health birth cohort studies.

Details of the ongoing and recent studies funded by the charity can be found on this site, together with the recent publications resulting from research supported by the charity.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who may be interested in applying for a grant.

Grant application form: research studies