Population-based programmes


Grants are provided to facilitate the implementation and evaluation of population based programmes.  These are awarded primarily to ministries of health and education, although such grants are also made to academic institutes and other charities working in this field.

Funding has been applied to help strengthen existing interventions and facilitate the development of new schemes. Most of these programmes have been delivered through schools or kindergartens.

In making their funding decisions, the trustees give priority to low- and middle-income countries. Sustainability and the potential for reducing inequalities are also key considerations.

We continue to extend our support for health needs assessments. In particular, we fund oral health surveys that inform the review and development of oral health policies and strategies. Importantly, to date these have been carried out by, or with the endorsement of, ministries of health.  ​​​​​​

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who may be interested in applying for a grant.

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