Call for grant applications


Call for grant applications 2023

The Borrow Foundation (“the Foundation”) is pleased to announce a new call for grant applications.

The charity

The Foundation is a UK-based charity, a not-for-profit organisation, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The use of fluorides for the improvement of oral health was for many years the Foundation’s main focus. Whilst this remains a priority, over the past decade, the scope of the work supported by the charity has expanded greatly. Our mission is ‘to promote the improvement of oral health, primarily in children, through the prevention of oral diseases’.

The number of countries in which our resources are being applied, and the number of people benefitting from the activities we fund, continues to grow. Previous calls have proved to be a key factor in this expansion, with grants being awarded in many parts of the world to leading health agencies, government bodies, academic institutes, dental associations, and charities.

Scope and priorities

We are inviting grant applications for the support of projects that could help achieve the Foundation’s mission.

Our focus is on primary prevention. The disproportionate burden of disease experienced in socially and economically disadvantaged groups, and the need to reduce inequalities in oral health, within and between countries, will also be foremost in the minds of the trustees when determining the applications.

We are particularly interested to receive proposals for:

  • The implementation and evaluation of sustainable population-based programmes / projects that are targeted at the areas of greatest need.
  • Projects that could influence / inform the review and development of health policy and strategies, including, for example, oral health needs assessments.
  • Research studies that could strengthen the evidence base for the prevention of dental diseases, including, for example, clinical trials and population-based research.
  • Relevant training and capacity building.

We welcome enquiries regarding other initiatives that could contribute to the improvement of oral health through the prevention of oral diseases. Importantly, we are always open to new and innovative ideas that have potential for significant scientific and / or societal impact.

World Health Organization

Recognising the vital work being carried out by WHO, applications that are in line with the WHO global oral health strategy and action plan will be viewed favourably.

Draft Global Oral Health Strategy

Draft Global Oral Health Action Plan (2023–2030)

Joint / match funding

We will also be pleased to receive applications for joint or match funding.

Applying for a grant

The grant application form can be accessed through the following link:

Grant application form

The deadline for grant applications is 1st November 2023.

Applications will be determined by 31st March 2024 at the latest.

The award of any grants is entirely at the discretion of the Foundation.

This call for grant applications and any claim (including non-contractual claims) arising out of it or its subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


The Borrow Foundation (a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, with registered number 03303900).