Current priorities


Our present priorities include:

  • Population-based programmes that are targeted at the areas of greatest need and will help reduce inequalities, within and between countries;
  • Health needs assessments, particularly where surveys are used to inform the review and development of oral health policies / strategies
  • The use of fluorides in the prevention of dental caries, including their use in milk and milk products;
  • The prevention of oral disease through the improvement of diet and nutrition;
  • The use of kindergarten and school settings to promote oral health;
  • Early childhood caries (ECC);
  • Strengthening the design of studies for the evaluation of community-based programmes;
  • Research into the above;
  • Training and education in population oral health.

In particular we provide support to:

  • Government departments / agencies for the implementation and evaluation of sustainable population-based prevention programmes;
  • Academic institutes to undertake research;
  • Dental associations / organisations that promote dental public health and oral health research.
  • Other charities, NGOs etc. that share common objectives with the Foundation