First meeting of newly formed Lancet Commission on Oral Health   

The first meeting of the Lancet Commission on Oral Health was held in London on 12th – 13th March 2020. 

A series published in The Lancet, in July 2019, highlighted the global public health importance of oral health and the need for a radically different policy agenda to tackle this major problem. Never before in the 196-year history of this prestigious journal has oral health been given such a high profile. The impact of this series led to a decision by the Lancet to establish the new commission whose mission is to promote sustainable improvements in global oral health and improve equity in terms of population oral health status, service access and quality of care, both within and between countries. Twenty-seven distinguished researchers, policy makers, health and human rights advocates and clinicians from 16 diverse countries from across the globe have been appointed as commissioners.   

The meeting in London focused on the priorities and core themes for the commission. A two-year programme of work was also considered, and four working groups formed; each group assuming responsibility for one of the four agreed priorities:   

•    Governance and advocacy for global oral health
•    Equity, social justice and oral health
•    Health system reform, governance and transformation
•    Commercial determinants

The Foundation has been pleased to award a grant for the Lancet Commission on Oral Health. Support for this important initiative has also been secured from University of London sources and the Brocher Foundation in Switzerland.